Getting rid of fat without surgery or downtime? It sounds too good to be true. However, with the revolutionary non-invasive treatment Coolsculpting, this is all possible. CoolSculpting has become one of the most popular bodysculpting procedures in the cosmetic world. Here are a few tips to know if you’re considering this non-invasive treatment.

Like many of us, there are areas on our body we are not too fond of, especially for us women who tend to store more fat than men (especially in the hips and thighs due to childbirth). So it can be particularly frustrating for women to lose weight, especially when diet and exercise can only do so much. In the past, many people turned to surgery to get rid of unwanted fat, however, with CoolSculpting there is now a way to get rid of this stubborn fat without having to go under the knife.

CoolSculpting has become the world’s leading non-invasive fat reduction treatment. CoolSculpting utilizes freezing temperatures to break down fat cells and ultimately destroy them. The fat cells are naturally excreted from the body over the next couple of months. You can expect to see up to a 25% reduction of fat cells in a given treatment area. One of the best things about Coolsculpting is that once those fat cells are destroyed, they are gone for good.


A typical CoolSculpting treatment session is about 35 minutes, however, there are specialty handpieces that can range from 45-75 minutes. During this time, people often watch TV, listen to music, or even work from their computer. During the treatment, a certified specialist will apply a gel-like substance to the targeted area. The provider will then apply the applicator (think of a vacuum nozzle) to the skin and suction will begin. You will start to feel the coolness set in; it’s normal to feel a bit of pulling and a lot of coldness on the treated area, but overall the treatment involves minimal pain.

It is important to note that CoolSculpting is not for everyone. This is not a treatment for obesity, rather it is a technique to get rid of stubborn pockets of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise. At BodySquad we currently have an amazing special going on for first-time patients. Fill out the form below to get on your way to your dream body!

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