Haley’s Transformation Photos!

This week we’re featuring the transformation photos of BodySquad’s very own, Haley! Haley, the Director of Sales at BodySquad, treated her stomach and back with CoolSculpting. Check out her results below!

Check out Haley’s Results: 
BodySculpting CoolSculpting before and after Results on the back at BodySquad
BodySculpting CoolSculpting before and after Results on the stomach at BodySquad

Here’s what Haley had to say about her treatments: “Prior to my CoolSculpting treatment, I had never had any cosmetic body-sculpting procedure done to myself. After landing the opportunity to work for BodySquad, I knew the way I was going to be able to relate to patients was to treat myself with CoolSculpting and see how it really works. I was also super excited to have the chance to get rid of my pockets of fat! Since I was a teenager, I also struggled with fat in my abdomen and back. CoolSculpting truly changed my life!”

When Haley isn’t sculpting bodies, she loves to visit Disney World and hang out with her fiance and fur babies!

Haley from BodySquad

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Headshot of Sara
Sara Condon

Sara is the Director of Marketing at BodySquad and one of our certified specialists. She is in charge of all facets of BodySquad's marketing efforts. She has a degree in marketing and is certified in CoolSculpting® Resonic®, CoolTone® and Morpheus8®.