Strengthen Your Muscles, or You’ll Lose Them…

The CoolTone device is designed to bring your healthy lifestyle to the next level. It can be hard and time-consuming to get to the gym every day while also managing your day-to-day activities. CoolTone is a revolutionary new technology that can increase muscle mass. This means you will look toned, feel stronger, and look slimmer with less effort than ever before. Results are obtained through your initial 4-6 treatments within two weeks. To maintain the results achieved from CoolTone, it is crucial patients come in for ‘maintenance’ treatments.

Many people do not realize that when you stop using (or sculpting) your muscles, you will very quickly lose strength. The longer you wait, the harder it is to get back to those strong, lean looking muscles. According to experts, it varies depending on your age and fitness level, but it may be quicker than you think.

Your muscles will not disappear entirely, but there will be a noticeable decrease in strength power. The decrease will not be a lot at first, but the longer you wait, the more strength you will lose. Muscle mass (the size of your muscles) begins to diminish after about four-six weeks of inactivity. This is why it is essential to follow up with your BodySquad specialist after 30 days and map out a ‘maintenance plan’ so you do not lose those newly toned muscles!

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Megan Condon

In 2019, Megan became the Social Media and Content Manager for BodySquad. She uses marketing techniques to creatively present the BodySquad brand and assists in supervising the daily maintenance of social media initiatives.