Transformation of the Week at BodySquad

This week, we’re highlighting an impressive before and after from one of our patients who treated her back at BodySquad. It can be extremely difficult to target back fat with exercise alone, thanks to CoolSculpting, this patients back fat has been removed for good. After just three months and two CoolSculpting sessions, this patient is extremely happy with her results and she will continue to see improvement in the treated area. We are so excited for her and the power that CoolSculpting Elite can provide in boosting one’s confidence!

Take a look at her results below!

reducing back fat with CoolSculpting elite before and after images at bodysquad South Florida

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Megan Condon

In 2019, Megan became the Social Media and Content Manager for BodySquad. She uses marketing techniques to creatively present the BodySquad brand and assists in supervising the daily maintenance of social media initiatives.