Hello Bikini Body! ?

This 45-year-old woman froze her fat away with CoolSculpting and followed up with monthly CoolTone treatments to sculpt and tighten her stomach. The results are incredible and this patient is excited to show off her new body!

Before and after BodySquad transformation with CoolSculpting and CoolTone combined to give this patient a bikini body in South Florida

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Headshot of Bridgette
Bridgette DeBrino

Bridgette is a certified medical assistant cosmetologist, laser technician, Esthetician, Aesthetician, and BodySquad specialist. She has a master's in business and works as the Operational Director of BodySquad. She has been certified in CoolSculpting®, Emsculpt®, Resonic®, CoolTone® and Morpheus8® since 2011.