Did you know it’s possible to build muscle just by lying there? You’re probably waiting for that “gotcha” moment, but you won’t find that here, because this is all entirely possible with magnetic muscle stimulation (MMS) technology. We’re here to tell you about this ground-breaking technology, which targets the muscles and induces a hyper intensive muscle contraction. This type of contraction cannot be achieved by human strength alone. Read on to learn 4 reasons why you should invest in this technology.


  • Not only does this revolutionary technology tone your muscles, but it also burns fat at the same time.
  • EmSculpt, a leading treatment utilizing MMS technology, found the average patient will lose 19% fat and increase muscle mass by 16% in a given treatment area.


  • Another reason why you should invest in this revolutionary technology is that it is 100% non-invasive.
  • The technology at play has successfully been developed for non-surgical bodysculpting for both men and women. This technology can tone the abdomen as well as lift the buttocks without any incisions. No butt’s about it!
  • This device is uniquely designed to destroy the fat and build muscle, all while leaving the surrounding tissues unaffected.
  • There are 2 impressive devices on the market, EmSculpt, and CoolTone that utilize this ground-breaking technology. BodySquad is proud to offer you both treatments!


  • At this point, you might be thinking well this all sounds great, but if your muscles are going through this intense contraction, there must be some pain associated.  Good news for you, the procedure is entirely pain-free, and we will tell you how.
  • Simply put, the treatments utilizing this technology (think: EmSculpt and CoolTone) are not painful; the treatment feels like a series of strong muscle contractions. Many patients naturally laugh or smile during the first few minutes, and then the body starts to adapt to the rhythm of the muscle contractions. It is usual for patients to feel a “pulling” sensation that may feel foreign, but it does not hurt.
  • A trained BodySquad provider will start the patient off at a low intensity and increase the energy slowly, so the patient feels more comfortable.
  • The next day, patients occasionally experience a little soreness. However, there will be no feeling of “Help! I can’t get out of bed.”

Check Out This Video For More Info About EmSculpt – One of the Leading Treatments Utilizing This Technology!


  • One of our favorite aspects of the treatment is the apparent strength that can be felt as soon as the day after your initial treatment. Patients often feel a distinct difference in the tightness of the muscles treated.
  • However, it’s necessary for patients to get treated twice a week for two weeks, a total of four-eight treatments, to see the most dramatic results.
  • At BodySquad, an individualized Booster Plan will be devised for each patient to sustain results, and if you’re like us, we don’t like wasting time or money. So we’ve made the BodySquad Booster plan affordable and convenient for everyone.
  • Call us today to learn about the BodySquad Booster Plan

Check out these incredible before & after photos from our EmSculpt patients.

Pretty incredible, right? We’re currently offering unbeatable prices for EmSculpt and CoolTone at our Boca Raton location. Come in for a FREE body assessment at BodySquad to get your personalized bodysculpting assessment plan.

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Sara Condon

Sara is the Director of Marketing at BodySquad and one of our certified specialists. She is in charge of all facets of BodySquad's marketing efforts. She has a degree in marketing and is certified in CoolSculpting® Resonic®, CoolTone® and Morpheus8®.