Now walk it out…

It can be hard to motivate yourself to keep up with an active and healthy lifestyle. But what if the motivation factor was money as well as prizes worth thousands of dollars? Sounds too good to be true, but at BodySquad we have made this possible! Read on to learn how you can stay fit and make money at the same time!

 What is the StepBet Challenge?

    • The StepBet Challenge is a fitness game that motivates you to be more active. For the entire month of October, you will be competing against yourself to meet the step goal that the app will calculate for you. 
    • Every player will pay a $10 join fee, and if you complete your challenge, you will split the pot with the rest of the players. Not only will you split the pot but you’ll also have a chance to win fantastic prizes from the BodySquad raffle.

How Do I Join the Challenge

  1. Download the app StepBet (available on the Google Play Store or Apple App store)
  2. Enter the code SOUTHFLFIT (this is needed to join BodySquad’s team)
  3. Connect your smart device (iPhone, Apple Watch, FitBit, etc.) to the app
  4. StepBet will then use historical data from your tracker to calculate out your goals (this goal will be manageable but also challenging)
  5. Pay the $10 join fee (remember, if you hit your goal, you will get this money back)
  6. You’re in! Read up on the FAQ’s and wait for the challenge to begin (October 1st)

What are the Raffle Prizes?

  • 1 Hydrafacial ($200)
  • 1 Miradry Treatment ($2,150)
  • 4 CoolTone Treatments – 2 winners ($3,200)
  • 1 Vivace Treatment ($800)
  • 1 Level 3 Dysport ($900)
  • 1 CoolSculpting procedure – 2 winners ($775)

Are you ready to get steppin’ with us? We are going to motivate each other every day to get out there and be more active. Join the BodySquad StepBet Challenge and let’s get fit together this October! Ready, Set, Let’s Move! 


Headshot of Megan
Megan Condon

In 2019, Megan became the Social Media and Content Manager for BodySquad. She uses marketing techniques to creatively present the BodySquad brand and assists in supervising the daily maintenance of social media initiatives.