From Flab to Flat!


We love to see this patient’s stubborn belly fat seemingly melt (or should I say, freeze) right off!

This woman came in looking to ‘tone-up’ her stomach area which she has never been fully satisfied with. After devising a personalized BodySquad assessment plan with her BodySquad sculptors, this woman underwent 3 treatments of CoolSculpting to her mid-section. We placed two CoolSculpting applicators (check out our CoolSculpting technology here) on each side of her bell-button and let the CoolSculpting machine do its magic!

This woman is now looking to finish her Bodysquad treatment plan by CoolSculpting her flanks (love handles).

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Headshot of Sara
Sara Condon

Sara is the Director of Marketing at BodySquad and one of our certified specialists. She is in charge of all facets of BodySquad's marketing efforts. She has a degree in marketing and is certified in CoolSculpting® Resonic®, CoolTone® and Morpheus8®.